Vannakam! Namasthe! Greetings!

Velan Hotels prides itself on its impeccable Southern hospitality. Born in 1993 in vibrant Tirupur.
A welcoming roof  and dedicated attention to the needs of their guests means that, the people of this region epitomize the ancient Indian saying “Athithi Devo Bhava” – meaning the “Guest is like God”. Add to this their entrepreneurial spirit, forming a hard to beat combination of innovation and grace. At Velan Hotels, we have incorporated this spirit of entrepreneurship and graciousness to bring you world class hospitality.
Our logo - a stylized rendering of a traditional earthen lamp - captures this spirit of a lamp lighting the way and offering a warm welcome.

Our flagship property is Velan Greenfields in Tirupur.  Velan Hotel Greenfields was awarded the Best New Hotel when it opened. True to its name, Velan Greenfields was a “Green” hotel even before it became fashionable to be one: the architecture was designed to take advantage of natural light; the hotel invested in a modern Freon free air-conditioning system as early as in 1990 and was among the very first establishments nationwide to use the vapor absorption system; the hotel has its own sewage treatment plant and the water is recycled for gardening; the hotel made conscious capital investments with the view to reduce water usage in a water starved area.

Velan Greenfields in Tirupur has temporally suspended its operation.